Fall Into Reading 2009 Challenge

Katrina is hosting the Fall Into Reading 2009 Challenge.  I love participating in her seasonal challenges.  They’re so laid-back and fun.  She asks us to create a list of books we would like to read this fall.  (Participants can also create additional reading goals, however this is optional.)  Lists can be changed at any time.

For this challenge, I’m going to focus on reading books from my shelves.  Most of the books I own, with a few library books sprinkled in.

My list:

  1. The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand
  2. Fear the Worst by Linwood Barclay
  3. Easy on the Eyes by Jane Porter*
  4. Testimony by Anita Shreve*
  5. Never the Bride by Rene Gutteridge & Cheryl McKay*
  6. Hounding the Pavement by Judi McCoy*
  7. Bundle of Trouble by Diana Orgain*
  8. The Accidental Bestseller by Wendy Wax*
  9. Dying for Mercy by Mary Jane Clark
  10. The Department of Lost and Found by Allison Winn Scotch*

I usually find myself changing my list about halfway through these challenges.  I decided to make an second list to choose from as well.

More titles to choose from:

  1. By the Time that You Read This by Lola Jaye*
  2. The Actor and the Housewife by Shannon Hale
  3. Italian for Beginners by Kristin Harmel*
  4. Suspicion by Kate Brian
  5. Speed Shrinking by Susan Shapiro
  6. The Beach House by Jane Green*
  7. Hollywood is Like High School with Money by Zoey Dean*
  8. Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella
  9. Long Lost by Harlan Coben*
  10. The Neighbor by Lisa Gardner

Hopefully I won’t substitute titles on the alternate list either!  But then again, who knows.  My goal is to read 10 books.

* books I own


Clear Off Your Shelves Challenge

Swapna at S. Krishna’s Books is hosting the Clear Off Your Shelves Challenge.  The idea is to read a percentage of books (participants can choose their percentage) that have been on your shelves for over six months.  No list is required at sign-up.  The challenge runs from October 1 – November 30, 2009.  Need more details?  Click here.

My goal is 30%.

This challenge comes at a good time for me.  I’m in the process of creating an Excel spreadsheet of all my purchased, unread books.  My goal is to read 75 books that I’ve purchased (including future purchases) by December 31, 2010.  Anything that will assist me with reaching my goal, is welcomed!

2nds Challenge 2009 ~ Completed!

Another challenge completed!  For this challenge, I read a combination of the second book in a series and a second book by a new-to-me author.  Here’s what I read:

  1. Flawless by Sara Shepard
  2. Extracurricular Activities by Maggie Barbieri
  3. Run for Your Life by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge
  4. True Colors by Kristin Hannah
  5. Invitation Only by Kate Brian
  6. Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott
  7. 204 Rosewood Lane by Debbie Macomber
  8. Madame President by Nancy Krulik
  9. Preaching to the Corpse by Roberta Isleib
  10. Being Nikki by Meg Cabot
  11. Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
  12. Beautiful Disaster by Kate Brian

Sarah Dessen Mini Challenge ~ Completed!

Another completed challenge!  Last year I read great reviews about Sarah Dessen.  So when I learned about this mini-challenge, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to discover a new author.  Ms. Dessen is a fantastic author and I see why many readers (both young adult and adult) are drawn to her.  I’m looking forward to reading more of her novels.  Here’s what I read for this mini-challenge:

My list:

  1. Just Listen
  2. Lock and Key

2009 Audiobook Challenge ~ Completed!

I’ve finished another challenge!  The 2009 Audiobook Challenge is hosted by J. Kaye.  Here’s what I listened to for this challenge:

  1. Princess Mia by Meg Cabot [review]
  2. Shopaholic & Baby by Sophie Kinsella [review]
  3. Grace by Richard Paul Evans [review]
  4. Bras & Broomsticks by Sarah Mlynowski [review]
  5. The Host by Stephenie Meyer
  6. 16 Lighthouse Road by Debbie Macomber
  7. 204 Rosewood Lane by Debbie Macomber [review]
  8. 311 Pelican Court by Debbie Macomber [review]
  9. 44 Cranberry Point by Debbie Macomber [review]
  10. 50 Harbor Street by Debbie Macomber [review]
  11. Just Listen by Sarah Dessen [review]
  12. Jinx by Meg Cabot [review]

On the Porch Swing Reading Challenge ~ Completed!

I completed another challenge.  Here are the requirements for this challenge:

  1. Pick a title with the word “marriage” or “marrying” in it.
  2. Pick a title with word “friends” or “friendship” in it.
  3. Pick a title with the word “summer” or “winter” in it.
  4. Pick a title with a flower name in it.

My list:

1. Questions to Ask Before Marrying by Melissa Senate

2. Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner

3. Life Without Summer by Lynne Griffin

4. Evil in Carnations by Kate Collins

2009 Themed Reading Challenged ~ Completed!

On July 1st, I had completed one book for this challenge.  I didn’t think I would finish the remaining three by month’s end, so I just decided to write this off as not completed.  About two weeks later, I decided I really wanted to complete this one as I liked the theme I chose:  new-to-me authors residing in New York City.  Pushing everything aside, I committed to finishing.  Here’s my original list:

  1. Emily Listfield – Acts of Love
  2. Elizabeth Noble – Things I Want My Daughters to Know
  3. Sherri Rifkin – LoveHampton
  4. Allison Winn Scotch – The Department of Lost and Found

Thank you Wendy for allowing us to change our lists.  Here’s what I read for this challenge:

  1. Best Intentions by Emily Listfield
  2. The Late, Lamented Molly Marx by Sally Koslow
  3. LoveHampton by Sherri Rifkin
  4. City Dog by Alison Pace