Buy One Book and Read It Challenge

Ok, I know I don’t need to sign-up for another challenge, let alone buy another book!  I just want to! (I also probably need to join a challenge 12-step group, but that’s another post.)  I like the idea behind this challenge.  Here is what Amy says:

We live in a culture so saturated with choice that the past time of reading a novel seems to be falling by the wayside. There are many Americans who don’t even read a single book in the span of a year. Books, once considered to be recession proof, are facing the same economic troubles as everyone else.

This challenge is designed to encourage you to rediscover the joy of reading, while supporting the authors who bring us books.

There are two levels or choices for this challenge. Because a lot of people who read this blog are voracious readers, I have added a new level this year.

1) The first option is to simply buy one book and read it. The book you buy and read should be a book you have chosen for yourself for pleasure. It should not be work related and books read to your children do not count.

2) The second option is to buy one book a month and read it. I am asking that those of you who will probably already have one book read by January 2 choose this option. Books can be on your other challenge lists, it is only necessary that you buy them and read them!

Despite having my personal challenge of reading my purchased books, I know I will buy new books this year (James Patterson, Jodi Picoult, Mary Higgins Clark or whatever just sounds like a great read).  Amy is allowing three previously purchased books to count.

My List:

  1. Time of My Life – Allison Winn Scotch [review]
  2. Move On, Move Up – Paula White [review]
  3. Handle with Care – Jodi Picoult [review]
  4. Private – Kate Brian [review]
  5. LoveHampton – Sherri Rifkin [review]
  6. City Dog – Alison Pace [review]
  7. Testimony – Anita Shreve
  8. Hounding the Pavement – Judi McCoy
  9. I, Alex Cross – James Patterson [review]

Young Readers Challenge

Becky is hosting the Young Readers Challenge again this year.  I enjoyed this challenge last year as it allowed me to re-read my childhood favorites and I discovered new children’s books.  I plan to re-read at least two more Judy Blume books.  I won’t formally write a list now.  I want to decide after I browse the children’s section at my local library and bookstore.  What about you?  Do you want to take a walk down memory lane?  Sign-up here.

My list:

  1. 100th Day Worries by Margery Cuyler
  2. Lizzy’s Ups and Downs by Jessica Harper
  3. And to Think That I Saw it on Mulbery Street by Dr. Seuss
  4. Happy Birthday to You by Dr. Seuss
  5. Can You Get an F in Lunch? by Nancy Krulik
  6. Madame President by Nancy Krulik
  7. I Heard a Rumor by Nancy Krulik
  8. The New Girl by Nancy Krulik
  9. Moving Day by Meg Cabot
  10. The New Girl by Meg Cabot

A to Z Challenge

I wasn’t sure if I would join this challenge. I couldn’t decide it I wanted to do just titles or both titles and authors. After reviewing my TBR stack, I think it would be of a challenge to do titles and authors. For more details about this challenge, click here.

My list:


  • A
  • B – Brian, Kate – Private [review]
  • C – Cabot, Meg – Princess Mia [review]
  • D – Delinsky, Barbara [review]
  • E – Evans, Richard Paul – Grace [review]
  • F – Fielding, Joy – Still Life [review]
  • G – Green, Jane – Dune Road [review]
  • H – Harris, E. Lynn – Basketball Jones [review]
  • I – Isleib, Roberta – Preaching to the Corpse [review]
  • J – Johnson, M.D., Spencer – Peaks & Valleys
  • K – Kendrick, Beth – The Pre-Nup [review]
  • L – Listfield, Emily – Best Intentions [review]
  • M – Mlynowski, Sarah – Bras & Broomsticks [review]
  • N
  • O – O’Neal, Barbara – The Lost Recipe for Happiness [review]
  • P – Picoult, Jodi – Handle with Care [review]
  • Q
  • R – Ricotti, Sonia – The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple
  • S – Shepard, Sara – Pretty Little Liars [review]
  • T
  • U
  • V
  • W – White, Paula – Move On, Move Up [review]
  • X
  • Y
  • Z


  • A – Asking for Murder by Roberta Isleib [review]
  • B – Being Nikki by Meg Cabot [review]
  • C – Can You Get an F in Lunch? by Nancy Krulik [review]
  • D – Deadly Advice by Roberta Isleib [review]
  • E – Extracurricular Activities by Maggie Barbieri [review]
  • F – Flawless by Sara Shepard [review]
  • G
  • H – Hollywood Car Wash by Lori Culwell [review]
  • I – Invitation Only by Kate Brian [review]
  • J – Just Take My Heart by Mary Higgins Clark [review]
  • K – Killer by Sara Shepard [review]
  • L – Life Without Summer by Lynne Griffin [review]
  • M – Madame President by Nancy Krulik [review]
  • N – Never Give Up! by Joyce Meyer
  • O
  • P – Perfect by Sara Shepard [review]
  • Q – Questions to Ask Before Marrying by Melissa Senate [review]
  • R – Run for Your Life by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge [review]
  • S – Shopaholic & Baby by Sophie Kinsella [review]
  • T – Time of My Life by Allison Winn Scotch [review]
  • U – Unbelievable by Sara Shepard [review]
  • V
  • W – Wicked by Sara Shepard [review]
  • X
  • Y
  • Z

2009 Mini-Challenges

Wendy is hosting again the mini-challenges through the Yahoo Group – A Novel Challenge.  You don’t have to be a member of the group to participate, however I would encourage you to join as this is a good group of dedicated readers!  The challenge is from January 1 – December 31, 2009.  The rules can be found here.

Here are the 12 challenges:

  1. Read a collection of short stories and either blog about it, OR tell the group about what you read.
  2. Read a play. Blog about it, OR tell the group about your experience.
  3. Read a nonfiction book; write a review on your blog or post it to the group.
  4. Read 2 essays from the same collection; write a review on your blog or tell the group about what you read.
  5. Go to a book event; blog about it or tell the group about it.
  6. Borrow a library book, read it and review it on your blog (or tell the group about it).
  7. Read a book by a new to you author. Do a little research on the author…do they have a blog? How many books have they written? Have they won any prizes? Where do they live? etc… Blog about the book you read and the author OR tell the group about them.
  8. Make a donation. You can either donate to an organization that supports reading OR make a physical donation of a book (or books) to ANYONE. Blog about it or tell the group what you did.
  9. Promote literacy. This is wide open – use your imagination. You could give a child a book, or read a book to someone who cannot read, or volunteer at an event which promotes literacy, or donate to your local library, or write something on your blog with a link to a group which promotes literacy, or anything in between.  The only rule with this one is that you must PROMOTE literacy in some way…
  10. Participate in a buddy read or Group discussion. This can be a face to face group, an on-line group or a one on one discussion with a friend who read the same book. Either way, blog about your experience or share with the group. Did the discussion give you greater appreciation or insight into what you read?
  11. Read a book outside your comfort level or from a genre you don’t normally read. Blog about it, or tell the group about it.
  12. Read a classic (defined as anything published before 1970). Tell us why it fits the category of being a classic. Write a review or tell the group about the book.

I’m not sure if I’ll track my progress on this blog, my main blog or both.  I’ll decide as I complete each mini-challenge.

Mysteryreadercafe Reading Challenge

I love reading mysteries, so here’s another challenge for me to do:  Mysteryreadercafe.

The rules are simple:

  1. Read a mystery with the word “murder” in its title.
    Asking for Murder by Roberta Isleib
  2. Read a mystery set in your region.
  3. Read a mystery that has been on your shelf for at least a year.
  4. Read a mystery from a “new to you” author.
    Deadly Advice by Roberta Isleib

On the Porch Swing Reading Challenge

Yep, another 2009 challenge:  On the Porch Swing.  The rules are simple:

  1. Pick a title with the word “marriage” or “marrying” in it.
  2. Pick a title with word “friends” or “friendship” in it.
  3. Pick a title with the word “summer” or “winter” in it.
  4. Pick a title with a flower name in it.

This challenge was originally created for the Yahoo Group, however you do not have to be a group member to participate.  To learn more details about this challenge, click here.

My list:

1. Questions to Ask Before Marrying by Melissa Senate

2. Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner

3. Life Without Summer by Lynne Griffin

4. Evil in Carnations by Kate Collins

2009 Audiobook Challenge

J. Kaye is hosting the 2009 Audiobook Challenge.  The rules are simple:  listen to 12 audiobooks in 2009.  More details can be found here.

My list:

  1. Princess Mia by Meg Cabot [review]
  2. Shopaholic & Baby by Sophie Kinsella [review]
  3. Grace by Richard Paul Evans [review]
  4. Bras & Broomsticks by Sarah Mlynowski [review]
  5. The Host by Stephenie Meyer
  6. 16 Lighthouse Road by Debbie Macomber
  7. 204 Rosewood Lane by Debbie Macomber [review]
  8. 311 Pelican Court by Debbie Macomber [review]
  9. 44 Cranberry Point by Debbie Macomber [review]
  10. 50 Harbor Street by Debbie Macomber [review]
  11. Just Listen by Sarah Dessen [review]
  12. Jinx by Meg Cabot [review]