I enjoy reading books with recurring characters.  I’ve been reading several series for awhile and a few I recently started.  Here are the names of the series and trilogies I’m currently reading.  The title listed is the last book I have read in each.

Author: Meg Cabot
Title:  Runaway (book 3)
Trilogy completed on 05-31-10

Alex Cross
Author:  James Patterson
Title:  I, Alex Cross (book 16)

Alison Bergerson (Murder 101)
Author:  Maggie Barbieri
Title:  Quick Study (book 3)

Alphabet (Kinsey Millhone)
Author:  Sue Grafton
Title:  L is for Lawless (book 12)

An Advice Column
Author:  Roberta Isleib
Title:  Asking for Murder (book 3)

Cedar Cove
Author:  Debbie Macomber
Title:  50 Harbor Street (book 5)

Dog Walker Mystery (Ellie Engleman)
Author:  Judi McCoy
Title:  Hounding the Pavement (book 1)

Flower Shop Mystery
Author:  Kate Collins
Title:  Evil in Carnations (book eight)

Gossip Girl (Young Adult)
Author:  Cecily von Ziegesar
Title:  You Know You Love Me (book 2)
Not sure if I will continue reading this series

Heather Wells – Meg Cabot
Author:  Meg Cabot
Title:  Big Boned (book 3)
Trilogy completed (although it’s rumored there may be more books)

High Heels
Author:  Gemma Halliday
Title:  Spying in High Heels (book 1)

Jessica Darling
Author:  Megan McCafferty
Title:  Charmed Thirds (book 3)
Plan to finish series in 2010

Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper
Author:  Elaine Viets
Title:  Dying in Style (book 1)
Not sure if I will continue reading this series

Magic in Manhattan (Young Adult)
Author:  Sarah Mlynowski
Title:  Bras & Broomsticks (book 1)
Not sure if I will continue reading this series

Melanie Vargas
Author:   Michele Martinez
Title: Notorious (book 4)

Michael Bennett
Author:  James Patterson
Title:  Run for Your Life (book 2)

Myron Bolitar
Author:  Harlan Coben
Title:  Promise Me (book eight)
Read series out of order – will read books missed

Pretty Little Liars (Young Adult)
Author:  Sara Shepard
Title:  Killer (book 6)

Princess Diaries (Young Adult)
Author:  Meg Cabot
Title:  Forever Princess (book 10)
Series completed on 02-28-09

Private (Young Adult)
Author:  Kate Brian
Title:  Suspicion (book 10)

Privilege (Young Adult)
Author:  Kate Brian
Title:  Perfect Mistake (book 3)

Author:  Sophie Kinsella
Title:  Shopaholic and Baby (book 5)

Soap Opera Mystery
Author:  Eileen Davidson
Title:  Dial Emmy for Murder (book 2)

Stephanie Plum
Author:  Janet Evanovich
Title:  Finger Lickin’ Fifteen (book 15)
Not sure if I will continue reading this series

The Women’s Murder Club
Author:  James Patterson
Title:  The 9th Judgment (book 9)

For the list of new series I would like to read, click here.


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